Muffie Beaverhausen

Muffie's Story

Former Entertainment Director- Yin Yang Night Club
Show Hostess- The Soco Club
Emotional Manipulator- Daily
Petty Thief- Walmart and Target
Miss Taco Bell 2004

Miss MO Dept of Corrections 1999

Muffie Beaverhausen is the drunken aunt of Columbia drag. She began hosting shows at the SoCo Club after forcing her mentor Aieta Buffet into the Nervous Hospital. Proudly known as the D-List Diva, Mary Jane Bongwater and the proprietor of Muffie’s Beauty Salon and Mini Bike Repair, she abuses substances like parents abuse the red headed step-child. A lover of dogs and penis, she’s turned her passions into outreach opportunities and can be found volunteering at the shelter and on her knees at gloryholes all over the United States. Uglier and fatter than she is funny, small children run in fear whenever she approaches. Her commitment to the art of drag and the gay community are legendary, sorry, I meant non-existent. Not particularly well liked or respect, people are nice to her only because she once killed someone who was rude to her by “accidentally” falling on them. No one can figure out how her cholesterol hasn’t killed her yet.